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- maandag 14 mei 2007
Wonderful Villa
Hi Mike,

We really enjoyed out stay at your villa. We stayed there for 2 weeks in March. The weather was beautiful and everything was at hand.

If something was wrong, it was repaired immediately.

The villa was fully equiped. The 24 hour Wall-Mart was definitely a positive point.

When we go back to Orlando we will certainly consider to go back to the villa again.

Thanks again.



- vrijdag 4 mei 2007
Rate: 10 stars!!!
Me and my family had a wonderful time in your villa, everything was as it should be: comfortable, spacious, clean and the atmosphere was warm, light and peaceful. I have difficulties with sleeping in hotels or holiday homes, but in this house I slept good, very peaceful (very important on holidays :) )
Rate: 10 stars!!!

Thank you Michael & Sherida

Joan Tjon En Fa from the Netherlands

- donderdag 4 januari 2007
Superb Villa!
Last August we stayed in your beautiful villa. We were stunned by how great it looked outside, but when we went inside we just couldnt believe we would be staying here.

The managing agent welcomed us and showed us all the nescessary details about the house.
Everything looked great and we couldnt wait to jump into the pool.

Its already 5 months ago, but Ive been thinking about this great vacation and especially our time in Orlando at least once a day...
Thanks for letting us stay in your beautiful villa. On a future stay I will definatly want to stay there again.

Thank you
Twan Trienekens, Judith van Os, Frank van der Laak, Ilona Dirkx
Eindhoven, The Netherlands

- zondag 10 december 2006
To Michael and Sherida
Thanks for a great stay in Orlando. We were very pleased with the house, especially the (heated) swimming pool. Everything was there when needed. Just like the comfort of our own home.
The Direction to the house was clear and easily to find. Walmart 24 hour (super-)Supermarket, biggest ever seen, is only 5 minutes away, restaurants and shops were not that far either.
Driving to Disney resorts was no problem and closeby. Also to the shopping malls and outlets was a cinch.
We will certainly use your hospitality again on our next trip to Orlando, Florida.

Benny, Yvette, Elysia, and Justin Chou

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